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This is really strange that - despite fantastic development and growth of our Countries and people - we do watch less European films, than before.

Sometime ago - European film directors like Fellini, Visconti, Antonioni, Bertolucci, Chabrol, Truffaut, Godard, Lelouche, Resnais, Saura,  Anderson, Loach, Bergman, Menzel, Forman, Konczałowski, Wajda, Zanussi, Kieślowski.....well, those Great Artists of European cinema took over our emotions, our understanding of the World and simply - changed us, as a people. This is what we think.

They were Giants...

But now - there are also fantastic films - being produced in Europe. 

"Artistic" ones and "commercial" ones. But - we do not like this distinction: films are simply good or bad. And the best ones are those, which speaks about important issues in a way, which appeal to the audience. Whatever this way is...

In their Countries of origin - those films are gathering a lot of viewers, big audiences.

The point is - we, the neighbours - do not know about it.

Usually - at all.

So - it's time to change it.

About forum

An American in Paris ? Quite possible.

We have nothing against Americans or American girls, in Paris.                                         

America is a great culture, fantastic entertainment, music, movies, television & tv series and, of course, an Internet now.

Chapeau bas !

But - our European music, our films, literature, painting, architecture and other arts - are GREAT too. Fantastic. Beautiful. Awesome.

So - why don't we have any clue about it ? Although - we are so close ? Although we like and respect each other - since so many years ?

Even today, having such a tremendous technical opportunities - we are so dominated by American "majors", that - more than 70% of tickets sold in European cinemas - are for American movies.  About 25% tickets are sold for local productions and only about 5% - for European films. Usually - French or Italian. We love French and Italian cinema, but there is also German cinema. And Danish. And Greek. Tschech, Polish, Portuguese.  And - in each European Country some fantastic films are made every year !

Do we know - why millions of German or Greek people - has been laughing on some German of Greek film ? No, we don't.

So, we have to do something about it.

That's why - we are starting the European Film Festival.  

Here, in Poland.

Let us know

about interesting film from your Country

Send us a trailer

if you are Distributor or the Producer


the only Jury on European Film Festival - is an Audience, voting for their favorite film.




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